Our products are based on an inventive spirit; they were developed with great care and attention to detail and are produced at the very highest level of quality.


State of the art.

There’s a good reason we haven’t thought about a facelift for more than 20 years. X-over’s fashion bags embody the perfect bag in combining style, comfort, and reliability, plus cult favorite status.

X-over® fashion bags: timeless – cutting-edge – trendy

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Moments of joy.

Nature, landscape, experiences. That’s the lure of the great outdoors! Aren’t these the unforgettable moments that make our lives so unique and spur us on to always keep exploring?

Our innovative three-point system helps you right where you least expect it: total freedom of movement, thanks to maximum shoulder and arm mobility.


Happiness with no limits

Performance, peak power, endurance, courage, focus, and the indescribable joy of movement – these features always belong together. Athletes give it their all, time and time again, to reach that perfect flow we all strive for.

Trust our four-point system to create the perfect symbiosis between action and your body – adrenaline rush guaranteed!

The versatile X-over carrying styles support you in everything you do.